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This is my 3rd article on CCC and 2 have proven to be precisely prophetic. Let me begin with a brief history of governance during last about 67 Years (804 Months & 24,400 days) We cannot see a day or month or year of happiness, hope and exult when old, young men and women could see a future develop a plan for life. The uncontrollable corruption became accepted syndromes with no one to cure. Justice and peace became dreams that elders used to quote in stories in the late evenings before we would goto sleep. There were no Electricity, TV, Radio, Phone music etc in our village. Is there any difference between Civil or Military rules that we have experienced in rotation. I am sure poverty alleviation was never a part of plan of any government since over 800 Months of life of Nation.

As a student of governance observer of fate of poor and poverty and resultant restlessness and resultant terrorism when a poor sells himself for about Rs. 6 Million and mother auctions innocents for Rs. 10,000 and people starve and die without food, water and medicine. A Country was attacked by ATOM Bombs, One lost 2 World Wars, One feeds 1.5 Billion people 3 times a day & there are enemies around one. One does not see a beggar on the streets, or untreated sick. None of the leaders of Japan, Germany, China and Israel have investments and industries in other countries, no leader is doing any business and has children doing business or studying abroad. What is wrong with us? Pakistan was never created for the purpose that it is being run for. It is a beautiful country that Almighty carved out but is being spoiled by few. We can name but who will catch. “Thief and watchman have become friends”

Back in 1970, a Professor of Pennsylvania University, specialist in Political Science and South Asia Visited Pakistan. He spoke about “Sovereignty as a “Tradable Commodity”, a topic that was unthinkable for those who had studied and believed in the Charter of United Nations. The Professor told, “Economic Distribution during not-too-distant-future will create 2 distinct groups, One Very Rich and other Very Poor. The Middle group will vanish due to poor politics. The Group of Poor will sell some sovereignty to buy food or arms etc. The rich would dictate their policies and the governments in poor countries will obey even act at the displeasure of their own citizens.” Audience heard him skeptically and considered it as disgraceful. He responded to a question: “Pakistan is considered as a case Study to the hypothesis.” We disbursed in disbelief, blaming CIA as manipulator that spreads thoughts as precursor to the events that follow.

Pakistan witnessed, breaking of the country, over 98,000 POWs, Ruthless murders of fellow Muslims in Eastern Province and final cessation, improvisation of Political systems including “Civil Martial Law”, hanging of another politically elected Prime Minister and head of Strong and Modern Political Party and tenures without sovereignty and Growing Poverty. People started deserting country, selling young children, Mother and Children dying of thirst, hunger and disease without medicine. No one is bothered about the hungry-poor; dying of water, food or medicine in flood hit areas of Punjab and Sindh, earthquake hit areas of Baluchistan and terrorism hit areas of KPK. The Nation is not capable of facing a shock or disaster. Please think

Current period (June 2014) is not very different from the period of few months before the 2nd of December 1997 (when the 9 months old administration of Mian Nawaz Sharif was going through a battle with the judges and the president) could be classified as disastrous and unfolding of a nightmare. The established institutions were crumbling under their own bulk. All concerned were making their shares of mistakes. The national interests were nobody’s priority. The confusion was at its peak and the public at large was worried about the future of the state and their needs. Nobody was in a mood to work. The rumor factories were operating in multiple shifts. The sum total of the events resulted in the loss to the governance and economy both in terms of credibility and prestige and 10 years long Martial Law in October 1999.

The history of governance and the series of crises during last 67 Years certainly left few loud notes that in a country like Pakistan; (a) one person is capable of bringing the entire administrative machinery to a dead stop, (b) that there are a number of issues in the constitution and the rules of business that can create the crisis of relationship between the President, Prime Minister, Judiciary, Establishment, Armed Forces etc. (c) similar incidents can always take place in future as well, (d) that the will and the vote of the general public can be ignored and a government with a mandate can be made ineffective and non-functional due to perception of others and mistakes of individuals in power (e) the task of development and welfare of the masses has very little priority during the times of crises and the whole system gets sucked into the conflict. Most of the sets of solutions available during crises were negative or regressive in nature. The Nation lost 67 valuable years of life of the nation.

In India a son of domestic servant became the Prime Minister, a son of a black divorced mother became President of US. Is it possible in Pakistan? Please Think.

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